Alkan Kablo

2007It was established in 2007 in the direction of the R&D studies of our group and the demands of our customers throughout the country.

Our company maintains its activities, which it started with the production of low voltage, medium voltage and installation cables, now with low voltage cables and the production of ALKAN Grup Socket and ALKAN Electrical Appliances.

Our company, which has been expanding its vision by prioritizing quality and reliability since its establishment, exports to more than 60 countries as well as around 8000 customers across the country.

It has launched many products to the market with the studies it made in this respect by attaching particular importance to the R&D studies. Branding studies, such as quality improvement, promotion, offering appropriate sales figures, and extending the marketing network, have been conducted, and these brands were enabled to occupy an important place in the sector by taking certificates for compliance with quality standards such as TSE, CE, and ISO.

It renders services to its customers with a closed factory area of 6000, more than 50 technical staff specialized in their fields, over 30 marketing/sales personnel, and wide product range.