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New Brand


Alkanlar Elektrik

Group Companies

Alkan Kablo

It was established in 2007 in the direction of the R&D studies of our group and the demands of our customers throughout the country with the conducted studies and made investments. Our company maintains its activities, which it started with the production of low voltage, medium voltage and installation cables, today with low voltage cables and the production of ALKAN Grup Socket and ALKAN Electric Materials.


It is a company of LEDRAM brand, which was established in 2017 with our group’s support for the purpose of meeting the demands in our sector through higher quality and fit-for-purpose and reliable solutions with R&D studies in relation to the LED products, which have rapidly grown, developed and been a part of our lives by providing technological innovation, saving and positive contribution.

Meltem Grup

Our company, which was established with the purpose of providing more qualified, reliable and quality services to the organizations of the electric lighting sector, such as construction market and chain market groups etc. appealing to customers, has been providing innovation and technology to the sector for many years.



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