It is a new brand of the group, which was established in 2017 with our group’s support for the purpose of meeting the demands in our sector through higher quality and fit-for-purpose and reliable solutions with R&D studies in relation to the LED products, which have rapidly grown, developed and been a part of our lives by providing technological innovation, saving and positive contribution.
LEDRAM will bring the latest technological products in the sector with the help of its team, which is specialized in LED lightening products, and product development program (UGP) for the Industrial and Architectural practices.

It carries out the production of its products in Turkey by applying the international technical and quality standards to its specially developed designs. All of the products in its lighting range have an integrated design with their developed heat management, technical structure, protection and insulation class, and many other innovative specifications. All products are controlled before grouping them into processes in the installation and production processes. It has the highest quality LED Lightening product range in the market by coming to the fore among its competitors in the production process by means of its experienced personnel and engineering infrastructure. As a result of our engineering, our products have differences and technological advantages that are superior to the other lighting products due to their design and the exclusive materials in their content.

Compared to its competitors, a more efficient performance of the products has been achieved by means of the patented ac-direct(R) system that we developed. Apart from that, all components are designed to provide the most reliable performance in all of our products.

Our high-powered LED products, which are produced by using only the highest quality components and being designed in Turkey, are of capital importance in terms of reliability and performance. Furthermore, they are designed for external environments and Industrial applications. They are produced by taking 4 seasons and severe weather conditions into consideration in all respects. It comes to the forefront due to its quality in intercontinental sea and air transport.