Federal Electric was established in Adapazarı in 1992. It has taken part among the world’s leading producers of Low Voltage Switchgears by growing in a short time. It was established with a 100% domestic capital on a total area of 40.000 m2, 25.000 m2 of which as closed area. 3250 kinds of products are produced. Federal Electric, which in a position of producing 95% of the product range of AG switchgears, continues its R&D studies with regard to the remaining 5%. It has earned its prize by ranking the 1st and 2nd in the market since it followed and applied every development in all fields from institutionalization to technology. Federal Electric is the only Turkish company having a share from the market and getting settled in the 1st and 2nd ranking in the low voltage.

Mechanical R&D, Electronic R&D and Electricity R&D studies are coordinately carried out in three different units within the company. In the R&D section where Silicon Graphics and Uni Graphics, which are among the world’s state of the art computer systems and CAD-CAM software programs, are used, superior quality products are designed and prepared for production by the specialized and experienced engineers and designers as they will meet the needs of today and tomorrow with the technology of future.